Tuesday, 29 April 2014

OPAM Finishes

My 2 finishes for this month.....

This one is a block from Rosalie Quinlan's pattern "Best Friends Forever" - the ladies from my embroidery group that Fiona runs were given one each as "homework" over our Xmas break - they will then be made into the quilt to be raffled at the end of the year...... I know Xmas was a while ago but I eventually got it finished.

And...this pair of socks are now finished.... shortly to be mailed off to my other sister - lives in Crescent Head on the north coast but says it gets cold enough to wear these woollen socks - the 2nd pair I've made for her.....

This wool (Paton's Patonyle 4 ply) was originally sold in 50g balls but now comes in 100g - I found as 2 x 50g balls  - one for each sock - the  pattern it made was more symmetrical than with 1 ball for both socks - a bit of a shame as I really loved the symmetrical look.....but the warmth is still there!!

That's it for now - haven't long got home from work - off to have some dinner and then head out to our embroidery night - must find my next project though!

Happy Stitching

Monday, 28 April 2014

Hello...back from Sydney

A  relaxing week was spent in Sydney last week - catching up with my mum & dad - one in their 80's the other in their early 90's.... and still in their own home!

I did do some stitching, reading and knitting while I was away - as you would have seen by my earlier post I was certainly prepared for whatever I felt like doing... lunches out with my mum and some shopping......
Here... a haberdashery shop which my mum went to when a teenager - still owned by the same family! 

 And here..... Cottage Quiltworks at Warriewood....this was the display that greeted you as you walked into this lovely shop.....

 There were so many lovely fabrics and I did buy a couple of pieces but this was my "special" buy - I have always admired Brigitte Giblin's work..... goodness knows when I will do one of the projects from this book - meanwhile I may just have to add to my stash!

A few finds from a Vinnie's store - always good for a poke around.....

 And...home on Saturday via lunch at my sister's place in Bundanoon (Southern Highlands) where the trees are all "dressed" in their beautiful Autumn colours - even though it was overcast....

Back to work today :( ..... 

Will be back again tomorrow to post my OPAMs for the month.....nearly finished!!!
Happy Stitching

Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Easter Weekend

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend - whatever you have been up to. I have spent the weekend "pottering" around...... Friday I relaxed on my deck with a book, and sorted through a few project ideas.....

Came across this quilt - made in a class where the cost included a jelly roll of your own choice. I decided to pick one out of my comfort zone....... bad idea! Even though I don't dislike it I'm not sure if I like it enough to get it quilted.... but then it remains another UFO!
Has anyone else had this dilema? 

Saturday was spent doing the usual housework and grocery shopping ....but did enjoy a lovely relaxing afternoon catch up with a friend! Took my stitching but we were too busy talking.....

Sunday.....and am packing these as I'm off to Sydney tomorrow for a few days.... a project to cut out (secret pressie), border fabrics for a quilt I'm finishing off (also a pressie), some stitching to finish off, a bag with my knitting and a new book to start (saw the movie Monuments Men and am looking forward to reading the book the movie was based on) - do you think this is enough? Spending some time with my parents so while mum and I will be catching up over cups of tea my hands won't be idle. Hope to call into Cottage Quiltworks - I have a little shopping list ready!

And I did manage to get into the garden late this afternoon.......there was a "before" photo but it really shouldn't be shown!

Hope you have enjoyed your Easter......

Happy Stitching

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Catching Up

Can't believe it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post! What have I been doing? Well, till last weekend most of my evenings were spent here.....

...... the stage managers desk behind the stage - from where my assistant stage manager and myself make sure the show runs smoothly and everyone is ready on time! Another photo here of my "to do" board before each show and after interval....

I have stage managed quite a number of shows for our local theatre company over the last 15 years or so...... do enjoy it but it does take a lot of time - sometimes up to 3 months with rehearsal time thrown in as well. Am I trained for this you ask? No, it has been a matter of learning by experience! I got involved after my younger daughter then aged around 10 decided she'd like to join the youth group at the theatre....I started helping with costumes, then back stage and well as they say one thing led to another........ and you will NEVER find me on stage!!.....Leave that for others who enjoy the "bright" lights. 

The fabric basket from my previous post I gave as a thank you gift to my assistant stage manager - well - the play was "Allo Allo" set in France and the fabrics were French General - also filled it with Ferrero Rocher chocs (sound French?).

Since the show finished week nights after work have been spent "relaxing" with a DVD or 2 and KNITTING.......

Enough relaxing now - the time has arrived to start planning which stitching project I will work on - many UFOs to go through.... perhaps start on something new??
Perhaps my somewhat neglected garden will get some TLC over this weekend? 
May even get around to filling in my "profile" so you all know who I am!

Till next time.....

Happy Easter & Happy Stitching

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Little Stitching

Managed to fit in a little stitching this morning before heading off to our matinee performance of "Allo Allo"... yesterday was spent catching up with housework - oh hum! followed by a performance at night ....... My friend Dzintra is one of the cast in the play I'm stage managing and sometimes we find time to chat about what we are stitching...... thinking of all the time we'll have to stitch once the show ends!....Meanwhile - this is one of my many projects been worked on.... members of my embroidery group have been making a block each to be made into a quilt for our end of year raffle..... 

Thought you may be interested in seeing what I store some of my projects in..... this was given to me by a friend for my birthday last year and since then I have acquired a few more...they're a clear plastic box for storing files - A4 size being perfect for the pattern you may be using and deep enough for your cottons, scissors, etc........ from Howard's Storage World and only $6.95!

Happy Stitching