Monday, 11 July 2016

Just A Little Catch Up

Well what have I been up to lately?... Not a lot!..... Another "bowl" sits ready to be felted....

Then ended up with my kneck "out of sorts" so after a couple of weeks decided I should visit the doctor - a pinched nerve was probably the original culprit - maybe take a break from knitting! Who would have thought a tiny knitted bowl could cause so much inconvenience!!
So no crafting is happening here but I have been reading and now another challenge can be ticked off my reading list...... "A book written by an author with the same first name as you". Well.....there were very few books that fitted that category but while searching came across this  book - "Asta's Book" by Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell) and what a good book it was!! "Obsessively readable" said one review and it certainly was!!
I bought the book through Fishpond for $8 - it came through their 2nd hand book warehouse..... the book was reasonably well used with the original sticker on the back showing it had been bought from Dubai Duty Free.... I wonder what tales the book could tell as to where it had journeyed from there to me!!

While not doing any crafting I did spend time in my sewing room - tidying, looking, thinking.... and am contemplating this project next - have some larger ones but thought a smaller one - achievable within a month might do for now.... (not started yet though!)

Then last Saturday arrived and I decided after a week of miserable weather (and work) I NEEDED some retail therapy so I took myself off to my favourite local patchwork shop.....
....and some lovely flowers came home too.... :) 
That's about it for now....the knitting and sewing are sitting there to be worked on but I'll give my kneck a bit longer to recover...

Till next time.... happy stitching!!