Sunday, 30 June 2019


A month into Winter - and there have been some cold days! - and the last day of June which means it's time to celebrate younger daughter, Megan's, birthday.......
....and she is still overseas but enjoying her birthday with sister Hayley who has flown over to join Megan on a 2 week holiday in they are all ready to visit the Blue appropriate dress....
Meanwhile here at home not a lot of creativity has been happening......but did go to the local "Eurobodalla Fibre & Textile Artists Group" Exhibition - there were some very interesting & varied pieces of are just a few....
 ....a seahorse made of thousands of little folded paper boxes!
and.... what to do with those old garden tools and a bit of fibre!! 
Last weekend I took myself to Milton to take part in a couple of events at Storyfest....the inaugural 3 day "festival for the writer, the reader, the dreamer & story teller" ....
Although only 45 mins from home I stayed the weekend in a lovely Airbnb as I had booked into events over 2 days...... on the Friday night I attended an event called "Criminal Minds" ... a panel of 3 crime writers spoke about how they got into writing, where they got their ideas from. etc...... I found it very interesting.... I had not read any of the authors'works but managed to finish these 2 by one of the authors speaking before attending the event.....
On the Saturday I went to listen to 2 authors who incorporate actual historical facts into their novels....again very interesting and this time I had read one of the author's works....set in Estonia during the WW2...having an Estonian background I had really enjoyed the book and listening to the author explain her research for it didn't disappoint! 
The Ulladulla Bookshop had set up a book stall in the Milton CWA was the equivalent to walking into a patchwork shop for me!! Purchases were made.... 6 books in total....but I tell myself I'm saving for my retirement!! 
That's all I have been up to of jumper I was knitting was finished but am currently unpicking the kneckline as I cast off so tight I can't get it over my head....will have a photo perhaps next time! Otherwise have been too busy reading to do a lot of stitching...

Happy Stitching

Friday, 31 May 2019


Here we are at the end of May and Autumn - my favourite season..... though, with Winter just around the corner - and the weather having turned rather chilly - this beautiful tree is still wrapped in it's Autumn coat as I pass it on my way to work each morning! 
Along with May came Mothers' Day and another family gathering in Sydney....unfortunately my sister Linda couldn't make it this year due to a bad back which a 4 hour drive would not have helped.....but.... Hayley flew down from Queensland for the weekend..... I knew she was coming but it was a surprise for Mum & Dad with Mum saying it was the best "Grandmother's" Day present she could have had!  A few snapshots of another memorable day....

Afternoon tea on the verandah - everyone's favourite spot at Mum & Dads
Mum, Hayley and myself....
....and being entertained by my sister Vivien who has taught herself to play the harp - purchased only about 5 months ago! ...... she made it look very easy!
We all shared "Face-Time" (I think that's what it's called) with Megan in England and she followed up with one of her "custom made"  Mothers' Day signs for me..... this time not from some interesting travel destination but from the kitchen of the restaurant where she works.....
A little bit of stitching has been done over the past  month..... a very slow start to "Gossip in the Garden" quilt ..... and a few more stitcheries from "Stitch Therapy 365" completed....
A crochet blanket - which only seems to be worked on during the cooler months and hence seems to be taking forever to finish - has re-surfaced and am slowly making further progress on it.... will it be ready this Winter? I somehow doubt it! .......
One of my regular "haunts" on a Saturday morning is an op-shop called "Rally for Recovery" where you never know what you will an old sewing basket for $2!
A bit of reading has been done over the past month..... an interesting story.... one critic describes it as "funny, touching and unpredictable" which just about sums it up....... 
And that brings me up to date with May...... we could get some showers over the weekend which may lead to more "creativity" happening or a new book being started.... we'll see...
Winter is closing in so time will be spent being cosy inside! 

Happy Stitching till next time....

Monday, 22 April 2019


It has been a very quiet Easter weekend here..... time to relax after the last couple of months of rehearsals and shows at the theatre.....
Once the show was over I had a week during which time I had decided to make some little bunnies for both my sisters and mum for Easter - the same as my Florence seen here checking out the Easter eggs..... 
Well, I had quite a production going on each evening after work and at times wondered what had possessed me to even think of making 3 of them in a week (and 1 weekend) before they had to be posted to arrive in time for Easter!

 And all ready.... about to be packed for safe travel to new homes! 
All arrived at their destinations on time and were very well received - am now waiting to see what their names are to be.....something old-fashioned - classic??
I spent some time pottering in the garden which led me to think it was about time I should get back to Anni Downs's "Gossip in the Garden".....started a couple of years ago (?) - note my favourites (hexagons) were made first!....And that was as far as I got! 
Am now planning on starting this again....maybe will try and get one block done each month...let's see if that works! 
A book has been read over the Easter weekend....finished this afternoon over a cup of tea and a piece of Irish Tea Cake....made myself!! Loaded with cranberries, prunes, sultanas and apricots which had to marinade in Irish tea overnight....quite tasty with a good spread of butter added! ....the book ("Belly Dancing for Beginners") was another good read from Liz Byrski. 
No photos but there was some stitching done on "Stitch Therapy 365" time will update on that.....Off to find a DVD to watch for the night and finish off the weekend with a bit of knitting! 

Happy Stitching

Sunday, 31 March 2019

The End of March

A rather brisk morning for the last day of March!! An early morning hot cup of tea and Dora seeking out a sunny lap.....
....not much room for stitching there but a little reading was being done..... 
Unfortunately not a lot to report on for my Stitch Therapy 365 .... since I joined I should be up to day 56 (!) and have only completed 4.... but did find another sunny spot later in the morning and managed to get a bit further (the gap in the middle is an applique which is nearly ready to be added) 
Knitting though does seem to be moving along with one sleeve finished and the second nearly half way!.... 
The show I'm stage managing is now under way.... we had 4 shows this weekend and next weekend another 4.... then after a couple of months of rehearsals and the actual show finished I will have my weekends back and perhaps I'll whizz through my Stitch Therapy 365 (should be calling it "Slow Stitching"!)..... get my garden into order, etc, etc....maybe even look through my many "to do" projects and start something else? 

I'll finish off with a photo taken this morning...... bulbs which usually appear in Spring! Even the plants seem to be a bit confused with the weather!
Happy Stitching

Sunday, 10 March 2019

A Bit of This and That

Time for an update......not that there has been a lot happening!......Megan received her knitted scarf and told me it will definitely get worn as their Winter days are still quite cool ..... and her, and her partner, are shortly off to Scotland for a couple of weeks where it is even colder!! 
Meanwhile..... I am stage managing another show for the theatre which has a wonderful cast of only 10 aged from 14 to around 30 something.....we are still in rehearsal mode but does involve "homework" as I work out how back stage will run  smoothly.....
Spare moments have been found to finish reading another book........was OK but had quite   a few characters with similar names and jumped back and forth from 1911 to 2010 and must say I did at times get confused with who was who!
There have been some cooler nights so last year's knitting project re-surfaced and the sleeves for the jumper (for myself) were started - back and front having being finished last year.... a finish for this Winter?... Perhaps! (Not quite as blue as this photo shows it to be!)
And..... over a month ago I joined up with "Hugs & Kisses" project "Stitch Therapy 365" - doing one embroidery a day on a pre-printed panel. Well.....first I procrastinated on whether to use the stabiliser I had purchased, sought advice, decided to use another one, then lost my enthusiasm (mojo?) to start....So... theoretically I should be on Day 39 (from when I joined) but realistically I'm just starting on Day 1!! 
So..... time to have a cup of tea and find a new book to read? ... Perhaps a few rows of knitting?  Or catch up with some stitching?..... Decisions, decisions!!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sydney Weekend

An update from last weekend when there was another trip to Sydney catch up again with mum and dad and take part in a great one day workshop with my sister, Linda, called "Slow Stitching" with Lisa Mattock.....she had all her wonderful samples to show us.... a smorgasbord of inspiration.....
A week later and mine is not much further advanced than when we finished off at the end of the day!....while I came back to work Linda stayed on in Sydney for a few days and every spare minute was spent stitching! No photo but I'm sure hers is finished by now!
Photos of finished "creations" will appear - hopefully sooner rather than later! 
In all the years I've lived on the far South Coast (30yrs!) my one "must" stop when travelling to and from Sydney has been Sew & Tell in Berry.... whether just to browse or to make the occasional purchase.....well, what am I to do now! It is closing....!! 

With 50% off everything I added to my stash of Tilda fabrics....... day I will make something from one of these lovely books which have been in my bookcase for.....some time! I think I just need to cut into my stash and start!! 
Although our weather has been rather warm for knitting.... I did finish a scarf  for Megan.... England is still experiencing cold weather so this is in the mail as we speak! 
Another recent "finish" has been this wonderful book...... fell in love with the characters and loved the storyline!....Will be reading more of Liz Byrski's books.....
 And.... to finish off .....back to this weekend and a relaxing day at our local Botanical Gardens enjoying an afternoon tea shared by a "local"! 
Till next time
Happy Stitching