Friday, 26 August 2016

Up Up & Away

What have I been up to lately? Planning, planning, planning.....although this was planned quite some time ago and is finally happening!! 
Hayley and I are off to ........
 Megan will be joining us in Estonia (my family background is Estonian - hence the reason for the visit there) - we haven't seen Megan since she departed on her travels in March 2016! - I'm sure it will be quite emotional - the tissues are packed!  After a week or so getting to know Estonia we fly down to Italy for a few weeks!  .... a great holiday coming up with my two beautiful daughters!!! 

While away the inside of the house is being painted and some small renovations in the bathrooms will be happening so life has been rather busy working, packing up the house so all  books, ornaments, crockery from cupboards to be moved, etc have all found places - somewhere! My sewing room no longer exists as it is now a storage room! I sometimes questioned whether this was a good idea - but.... better than living with all this happening around me! 
Meanwhile I have found time to do a bit of crochet..... I think these will become a cushion - will take me forever to become a blanket - they are quite small! 
and .... more reading for my book challenge - "a book recommended by a friend"...... haven't read any of Michael Connelly's books before but am enjoying it so far.....

That's about all  from me for now..... will be back with stories of my travels! ....No stitching being taken - took some once before on a trip and didn't do a stitch! 

Happy Stitching

Monday, 8 August 2016


Well.... here I am back again..... not that I've been anywhere.... but the time just seems to slip by and before you know it another week has disappeared!
Firstly I must thank the lovely ladies from the Fat 1/4 Birthday Swap.... some lovely fabrics with little extras were finally opened last Wednesday (my birthday).....
.... my "special" gift was made by Michelle..... she certainly "stalked" my blog to add in all the things I enjoy into the beautiful stitchery!
There were many reasons to enjoy my day - a long lunch with a good friend and dinner with another dear friend, Dzintra.... many birthday greetings sent by various means of technology..... and some beautiful flowers from Hayley and her partner.....

But, I must back-track a little...... before my birthday it was time for OPAM and although the update here is a little late I did finish another felted bowl for the end of July.......

That though was the only "creation" I've managed to finish of late..... but did buy this little kit from Anni's lovely shop.... after seeing it on her emailed newsletter - hopefully will be made in time for Xmas!
And.... of course I'm still reading - though this book was not part of the "reading challenge" I'm taking part in.....
This was one of my favourite Agatha Christie "who done it" stories from all those years ago....but as I was reading it I did remember who the "culprit" was so though I did read it to the end it did spoil it a bit.... 
So that's about it for now...... will be back soon again.... till then.

Happy Stitching