Sunday, 8 November 2015


FNWF arrived and now that the top for my Nature's Journey quilt is finished the pressure was off and I could contemplate what else I could do, so a little Xmas stitchery was the answer..... the end of the night ... which wasn't very late as for some reason I was so tired an early night was in store.... I had got this far.....
The front was nearly finished and the back side was just pinned so I wouldn't  loose the pieces..... lucky I had done that as next day while vacuuming I knocked some of the stitchery off the corner of the lounge and all that NEARLY went up the vacuum cleaner was embroidery thread!
Not an overly productive Friday night.... and mind you the decoration is still not finished... weekend was spent going to our annual Handmade Markets ( a bit of Xmas shopping done) and a start was made on organising my sewing room - a "work in progress"!! , and a bit of reading in the sun which re-appeared after a few days of either rain or heavy clouds!

Hope others had a productive FNWF
Happy Stitching

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Quilt Top Finished

Yesterday was a sewing day! ..... and with a little supervision......

my Nature's Journey quilt top was finally finished.......
now to make a decision about the quilting.... to machine quilt or to hand quilt.... maybe a bit of both? 
Sunday, and a very neglected corner of the garden needed some urgent attention! .....
.... yes it was in rather a bad state! Even Dora (the explorer) had trouble navigating the jungle!
A couple of (hot) hours later ..... deciding now what to do with this little corner - maybe scrape up all the little crushed stones, lay a weed mat down and replace with some new stones?
The afternoon was enjoyed catching up with a friend over coffee and cake at a local cafe (no photo though) 
And while all this was happening Megan (daughter no 2), after travelling through parts of Europe and Eastern block countries since April, was settling down in a little village in the French Alps......
getting ready to start work for the Winter months as a sous-chef at a ski chalet. What a life!

Well, time to find another project to start.... or maybe one to finish! 

Happy Stitching