Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Finish!

Finished last night - just in time for the OPAM!.....

This lovely basket was from a tutorial I found here Pink Penguin was so easy and quick - great way to use up those 2" pieces and a small piece of linen.... would look good in Xmas fabrics too with something nice inside...Mother's Day gift with some chocolates?

Hopefully next month I will have a bit more time to be "creative".......

Happy Stitching

Friday, 28 March 2014

Deadline to Meet!

The end of the month is nearly here!!....and I have yet to finish a project!! (Not counting the hours spent adapting costumes for the play I'm involved in - "Allo Allo")
So...this morning out came some fabrics.... I have an idea in mind.... something smallish.... now to try and get it finished before Tuesday!!...

Plenty of time?  Well, the play I'm stage managing starts today with a matinee, another matinee tomorrow and then Monday comes around again and it's back to work! ..... no time to post anymore must make use of sewing time while I can!!

Happy Stitching 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Detour Home....

End  of a busy week at work and late night rehearsals.....thought I deserved a pick-me-up and detoured home via my local patchwork shop Stephs Fabrics...... added to my stash......not that I really needed anything but it did make me feel so much better as the week came to a close!!

May not get much time (again) to sew this weekend - am still altering costumes for our up and coming theatre production.....oh! if only it was a paid job!! ......
Am off now to watch The Doctor Blake Mysteries and do some the authenticity of the show - set in 1950's - and seeing Craig McLachlan - remember him from all those years ago? Channel 2 8.30 AEST

Happy stitching

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Week Later.....

......And what have I created this week......nothing! A week just spent at work and at theatre rehearsals at night - except I did get to my embroidery group on Tuesday! 
Did enjoy last Saturday at the Nowra Quilt Exhibition - there were some lovely quilts there.......

Including a couple of vintage quilts from America which were for sale - some close-up photos.........the top one was $132 (sold) and the yellow one only $72!

Then...there was a lovely exhibition of quilts by Carolyn Konig  - she specialises in Antique and Reproduction Quilt Designs - she also had a lovely range of fabrics for sale..... finish off the week some produce from my daughters veggie garden....mouth watering mini melons, sweet banana passionfruits and the last of the tomatoes.......I did say I would mention the garden in my blog!

Well, maybe this coming week will see more crafting till next time....

Happy stitching

Friday, 7 March 2014

Mail Delivery & More

The postie delivered a couple of parcels this "to do" list is now a little longer.......

The 3 patterns are all from Anni Downs and the charm pack is from a new range of French General fabrics - La Fete de Noel......I thought I'd be good and only get the charm pack - I'm sure I have some of every range from French General - just haven't cut into them yet!!
"Inspirations" and "Love Quilting" came home with me when I called into the newsagent on the way home from work.....then found "Homespun" had arrived in the mail......Dinner and then a lovely cup of tea is in store while I browse through these......

Tomorrow I'm off to Nowra for the"Airing of the Quilts" Exhibition (held at the St Michael's School Hall, North St, Nowra) over this weekend......I go each year to see the lovely quilts on display and catch up with a couple of friends whom I've known for about 
40 years!!....

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend....whatever you are doing.....
Happy Stitching

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Autumn and UFOs

Autumn - my favourite season has arrived!......Unfortunately living on the south coast we don't get the wonderful colours of Autumn everywhere as it doesn't get quite cold enough...but I have been stashing away fabrics to make an Autumn inspired quilt - one day!

At last I have cut out the fabric for a kit I bought in 2009 (!) from Anni Downs' very inspirational shop Hatched & you can see the applique did get finished but that was as far as it that I have joined OPAM I've been going through all my UFOs and it's time to finish this one!

And....Downton Abbey starts Sunday night - time to bring out the TV knitting - another UFO from last winter... a pair of sox. Have knitted these before but a family member has requested a 2nd pair......

Still doing some sewing with the costumes for our local theatre production of "Allo Allo" and some nights this coming week will be taken up at rehearsals but hope to get a little bit of time for "creative" sewing along the way....

Happy Stitching