Saturday, 1 March 2014

Autumn and UFOs

Autumn - my favourite season has arrived!......Unfortunately living on the south coast we don't get the wonderful colours of Autumn everywhere as it doesn't get quite cold enough...but I have been stashing away fabrics to make an Autumn inspired quilt - one day!

At last I have cut out the fabric for a kit I bought in 2009 (!) from Anni Downs' very inspirational shop Hatched & you can see the applique did get finished but that was as far as it that I have joined OPAM I've been going through all my UFOs and it's time to finish this one!

And....Downton Abbey starts Sunday night - time to bring out the TV knitting - another UFO from last winter... a pair of sox. Have knitted these before but a family member has requested a 2nd pair......

Still doing some sewing with the costumes for our local theatre production of "Allo Allo" and some nights this coming week will be taken up at rehearsals but hope to get a little bit of time for "creative" sewing along the way....

Happy Stitching

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  1. You are getting stuck into your unfinished objects, I'm impressed. Love the striping in those socks! Your labels are happening as is your list of favourite blogs. Nearly hit 300 page views too! You really are blogging you clever girl. It's fun isn't it!