Thursday, 7 June 2018

Winter is Here!

A week into Winter..... the much cooler weather and rain showers have arrived! But each day I drive to work I pass this beautiful big tree.... still holding onto its colourful Autumn coat........just! 
Meanwhile - after much deliberation over colours another embroidery project is about to be started......
.... a bit of time has been spent reading - finishing this book bought from an op-shop as I wasn't too sure I was a Ruth Rendell fan but must admit I did enjoy this one.....
And.... some very slow progress on this crochet blanket.... perhaps ready for next Winter??
......while Megan's Moroccan travels included a camel trek to the Sahara Desert!
That's about all from here for now..... off to do some stitching before retiring with a book....ummm let's see - which book next?? 

Happy Stitching