Monday, 18 April 2016

The Past Week

 Even though Hayley's visit last week could best be described as a "flying visit" it was lovely to catch up again and also have time to enjoy a scrumptious (and healthy) breakfast at a local cafe before she headed back home to Queensland ......
Later in the week these 2 parcels arrived - and on the same day!
from 2 of my favourite shops (unfortunately too far to get to but then again that might be a good thing otherwise my stash would be HUGE!!) ....and what was inside?.......
I love Anni's patterns but am starting to think it's her fabric choice that draws me to her patterns...but whatever the reason - well, do you really have to have a reason? And the Mon Ami charm pack is for the pattern I bought the week before from Steph's Fabrics....

...the one on the right which uses Charm Squares - I already had a few pieces of the Mon Ami range and together with these charm squares and pattern will be "stashed" away for the time being as I have "secret" sewing I need to be doing at the moment.... will endeavor to start something that is not "secret"!

Off to make a cup of tea and watch the final episode of Downton Abbey.... 

Happy Stitching

Monday, 11 April 2016

Relaxing Weekend!

This past weekend was a quiet one with just a little mix of this and that.......
Saturday morning decided take a drive down to my local patchwork shop.....Stephs Fabrics - just for some freezer paper - well - who would have guessed that a couple of extra purchases would come home!....had been deliberating as to whether to purchase Anni's latest book and as I walked into the shop...there it was!! The other pattern? Well, it just caught my eye! 

 This lovely bunch of daisies also found their way to my home.... to brighten the day!

 Over the rest of the weekend time was spent doing a bit of "secret" sewing......

 ....another book was finished and now "a book that involves the ocean" can be ticked off my reading challenge.... I had not read a Di Morrissey book before - thoroughly enjoyed this one...."The Winter Sea" was set on the South Coast - not far from where I live - an added bonus to the story line!
........and a start was made on writing up copious notes for stage managing our latest local theatre production.... unfortunately it can take up quite a bit of time and that, together with working full time, leaves not a lot of time for other more creative pursuits.....but... after this show I plan to take a break for a while..... as with all voluntary organisations it always seems to be the same people that put their hand up!
 These 2 were having a bit of a tiff on Sunday as to who had the chair with a cardigan to sleep on... the solution was found with a second old "round the house" cardigan found!
 The postman should be bringing a couple more "retail therapy" purchases this week....and... Hayley is arriving from Queensland for a few days (unexpected) visit - will be lovely to see her and spend time catching up over cups of tea!!...I do miss my girls!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, 1 April 2016

April - FNWF

Surprise! Surprise! I'm back and it was only a couple of days ago that I updated my blog...... but I thought while I'm still enjoying my cup of tea I would update my (virtual) FNWF and show you what I have achieved......
The embroidery group I belong to is run by Fiona and during our Xmas break we get given "homework" .... usually a block to embroider that will be made into raffle quilt or such like....well I have been (very) slowly plodding along with mine and decided it was about time I finished it so.....
with only the outline of the heart to do..

....... it was finally finished off.....

My finished block will now join the others already finished -  this year they will be made up into a few wall hangings for our local hospital. We have about 70 ladies in our group (there being an evening and a daytime group) and each of these embroidered hearts is different! 

Hope others had a creative night.....doing whatever you enjoy!

Happy Stitching