Friday, 1 April 2016

April - FNWF

Surprise! Surprise! I'm back and it was only a couple of days ago that I updated my blog...... but I thought while I'm still enjoying my cup of tea I would update my (virtual) FNWF and show you what I have achieved......
The embroidery group I belong to is run by Fiona and during our Xmas break we get given "homework" .... usually a block to embroider that will be made into raffle quilt or such like....well I have been (very) slowly plodding along with mine and decided it was about time I finished it so.....
with only the outline of the heart to do..

....... it was finally finished off.....

My finished block will now join the others already finished -  this year they will be made up into a few wall hangings for our local hospital. We have about 70 ladies in our group (there being an evening and a daytime group) and each of these embroidered hearts is different! 

Hope others had a creative night.....doing whatever you enjoy!

Happy Stitching