Saturday, 30 May 2015

Chookshed Party

I've made a start on my June blocks for Nature's Journey! Have not been this far ahead yet...just goes to show what you can do when sewing at a "party" !!

After doing what housework I really had to do, got myself organised for stitching on the back deck in the sun - absolutely glorious day here just couldn't sit inside!
A couple of hours later....
 .... I did pop out during the afternoon - a quick (!) stop off at the the local patchwork shop before visiting a friend who is raising a poddy lamb... Flossie was just so cut and...yes... she wears a nappy when she goes inside to get her bottle.
 ....back home again and time for a glass of wine and nibbles while a pot of minestrone soup was cooking away in the background...
 ..... more stitching after dinner and all June blocks are ready for the applique!
Not too sure how much will get done stage managing another local theatre production and we have an all day rehearsal ....maybe I'll spend some time deciding on fabrics..... that always seems to take some time as I procrastinate over this one or maybe that one.......

Hope everyone is productive this weekend! Will be "visiting" to see what you have been up to.....
Happy Stitching

Friday, 29 May 2015

May Blocks Finished!

I'm off to Chookyblue's (virtual) birthday "sew-in" this weekend ......(thank you for hosting)

.....but thought I'd arrive tonight so that I could finish the last of the May blocks for the Stitch-a-Long......

Now to start the June blocks but not too sure whether I'll start them this weekend or find something else to stitch.....will think on it overnight! 

And.... over the weekend will update on what's been happening (not a lot) over the last few weeks as I noticed it's been a few weeks since I was here! 

Happy Stitching & Happy Birthday to the Chookshed! (Look forward to dropping in and seeing what everyone is up to)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mothers Day Message from Sweden

Just had to add this photo to my Mothers' Day post...... did arrive on Mothers' Day - early evening - as they are about 8 hours behind us in Sweden - from where Megan sent me this message! 
Together with 2 friends she is travelling by means of a camper van for 6 weeks through Scandinavia... at this point in time they are in the very northern reaches of Finland (actually in what is called Lapland).

While I was here catching up thought I'd show you some progress on my May SAL blocks can see them in amongst the bits and pieces!
Yes... only 2 little ones done, I know, but we are only just getting to the middle of May - there's still time!! 

Happy Stitching

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Early Mothers Day!

I enjoyed a lovely early Mothers Day on Saturday when Hayley arrived Friday night for a whirl-wind visit before going back to Sydney and then heading north with her partner - they had arrived back from their India holiday the week before and while her partner caught up with family in Sydney she has spent this past week catching up with close friends across NSW.... finishing off with with a visit to mum :) 
There were lovely flowers from her partner and beautiful gifts from both Hayley and Megan.....
Those who follow my blog may remember Megan is now travelling in Europe after finishing the India holiday...... before leaving she left a box of presents for me covering the next 2 years! The Mothers Day present for 2015 was a lovely Pandora charm from both girls.... Hayley also bought me a beautifully scented candle.  
We then enjoyed a lovely outdoor lunch at a local was so pleasant spending time outdoors with the weather warm and balmy!

The day finished with Mothers Day wishes being sent from Megan - at the moment travelling with friends through Sweden in a camper van!

And... I mustn't forget to mention that my April blocks for Nature's Journey are finally finished.... Ta da......
I plan to have another relaxing day tomorrow - a Mothers Day present to myself - just reading and stitching (...those May blocks do have to be started!) 

Wishing all my readers a happy and relaxing day tomorrow..... whatever you may be doing...

Happy Stitching

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Forgot to do a post yesterday with what I stitched on Friday (FNWF)... oops! 
What else would I have doing except another (April!) block for the Nature's Journey quilt.... here I am about to cut out the fabric ready for the applique....
.... and a few hours later the block is finished....
Still have one more block to finish - which I thought would have been finished over the weekend but here it is Sunday night and it hasn't even been started yet!
Saturday was spent at our local theatre where I'm about to start stage managing our mid-year production.....
and today.... a friend (who know about gardening) came by to cut back my lovely tibouchina (not sure of the spelling) which split in half while we were having all that rain! (though the South Coast had not had nearly as much as further north).... as it was...
... and as it is now....:(

and the rest of the day.... well I returned to my garden and tidied other areas where nature is taking a journey of it's own! ... then some lunch on the back deck with my book.... followed by a visit from a dear friend .... and here it is Sunday evening - perhaps I'll get some stitching done before I retire?

Will be back soon....till then,
Happy Stitching