Sunday, 3 May 2015

Forgot to do a post yesterday with what I stitched on Friday (FNWF)... oops! 
What else would I have doing except another (April!) block for the Nature's Journey quilt.... here I am about to cut out the fabric ready for the applique....
.... and a few hours later the block is finished....
Still have one more block to finish - which I thought would have been finished over the weekend but here it is Sunday night and it hasn't even been started yet!
Saturday was spent at our local theatre where I'm about to start stage managing our mid-year production.....
and today.... a friend (who know about gardening) came by to cut back my lovely tibouchina (not sure of the spelling) which split in half while we were having all that rain! (though the South Coast had not had nearly as much as further north).... as it was...
... and as it is now....:(

and the rest of the day.... well I returned to my garden and tidied other areas where nature is taking a journey of it's own! ... then some lunch on the back deck with my book.... followed by a visit from a dear friend .... and here it is Sunday evening - perhaps I'll get some stitching done before I retire?

Will be back soon....till then,
Happy Stitching

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  1. Just popping by from the FNwF sign up post. Your applique block looks great.