Thursday, 31 July 2014

FNWF & Weekend Retreat!

A relaxing stitching weekend coming up.... off to "Stitching in the Hills" weekend retreat tomorrow - organised by Fiona and Sylvia ... this is the 3rd year of the retreat and it really is a wonderful escape from the "everyday" of life.... stitching away the hours on wonderful projects, catching up with old friends and new, maybe venturing out on a bush walk - we do need to excercise after all  - don't we?
As we arrive tomorrow afternoon I thought I'd join FNWF as I'm sure I will have started some stitching by then..... photos yet - we get a goodie bag of lovely projects to start over the weekend and I should be back on Sunday night with hopefully something finished!! 

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

OPAM for July....

Well, here we are at the end of another month and as I had joined the Christmas swap I actually managed to finish some projects for July....these are the gifts that I made for my "swap" partner.... the first one is a folder to keep your Christmas stationery in - the outside
Pattern - Gail Pan

and the inside......

A Christmas bag....
Pattern - Natalie Bird
 And a x-stitch Christmas decoration - seen here between the other 2 (forgot to take a close-up of it....oops!)

August is just around the corner so will have to get a few more projects started (did I actually say that?...I mean get finished!)

Till next time....Happy Stitching

Friday, 25 July 2014

25th July...

Well, here we are 25th July and it was time to open our secret Christmas in July swap... I was very good and mine wasn't opened till this afternoon!
Thank you very much to my secret swap partner, Kaye.... all such lovely goodies.... here is a photo..
....Beautiful X-stitched and embroidered gifts.....
It makes one feel that Christmas is not very far away!!!

I should be back soon with more stitching and crafting happening.... till then,

Happy Stitching

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Past Two Weeks.....

It seems like such a long time since I last posted.... where to start....

Just over 2 weeks ago my two daughters lost their father in a tragic plane crash here on the south coast where we live.... though we had been divorced for a number of years we had remained on good terms and lived not too far from each other so I had lost someone whom I had known for 40 years and who should still have been a part of our lives for many years to come.

I never dreamed that I would be ringing our daughters - both overseas and one having only left a few weeks earlier on her trip of a lifetime - and breaking such news to them. They both flew back to Australia and even managed to arrive within 15 mins of each other - not bad considering one flew in from Canada the other from Germany. 

Two weeks on and the "celebration" of their dad's life is organised for this weekend, the girls have spent time sorting some things at his house.... there are murmurings from the elder daughter of returning to Canada in the next couple of weeks - the younger one will resume her travels early next year.... and so life starts to move along its merry way again... 

Needless to say I lost all interest in any sewing and had half finished Christmas in July Swap projects tucked away....... when I saw my daughter reading a book she had just bought at the local bookshop I thought to is ok to pick myself up and do what I enjoyed doing -  so they have seen the light of day again and have been finished off over the last few days..... and after a very late night last night are all tucked up here....

..... and posted by express post this morning having been guaranteed by the lady at Australia Post that they will reach my secret swap partner by Friday 25th! 

I should be back on my blog more often again.... but, how life can change in that one moment.....


Saturday, 5 July 2014


Yes, I'm still here......

I had a very productive night last night...unfortunately due to a technological hitch I can't seem to save the photos leading up to this one - and only - photo to prove that I was actually stitching!

My earlier photos were of my decision making in deciding which fabrics to use and the actual sewing on the machine...... very frustrating!! This was when I was about to sit and do some hand stitching with a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate the background are some more (!) chocs in a glass dish - no shortage of chocolate in this house!
Today was a day of grocery shopping and house keeping - but hopefully tomorrow will see this particular project finished... won't be able to show you all just yet's a "secret" one..... 

Happy Stitching