Saturday, 21 June 2014

Catching Up...

Well, it's been 2 weeks since I visited my blog ...... but I'm back!
Last time saw me ready to farewell by younger daughter on her overseas adventure.... these were our bags as we headed off to Sydney - would you believe mine is the bigger (!) one for one week and hers the other for an indefinite holiday!

Here we are with my mum at the airport - no tears....yet!

It was sad to see her go especially as I don't know when I will see her again but she is on an adventure of a lifetime and I am really excited for her - I did the same thing when I was her age and that was when the only way to communicate was "slow" mail and booking a phone call home!! My.... how times have changed as we keep in contact every couple of days or so.....
Spent the rest of that week in Sydney with my mum and dad - not a lot of time for crafting while there but I was knitting sox (again) - this time for my dad....

......displayed on my (sexy?) legs here. I use Patonyle 4 Ply sock wool - originally they were in 50gr balls and the socks were always symmetrical in design now the balls are 100gr and they never seem to knit up with exactly the same pattern on each sock - a bit frustrating but they are warm!!
Have been back at work this past week and nights have been spent doing some secret sewing - which I can't show you.....but, this book arrived in the post on Friday..

 .....full of lovely projects - would like to start them all! 

Heading off now to find those elusive balls of wool I was going to start knitting a cardigan with..... think about what other projects need finishing (or starting) and put a pot of soup on.... Catch up soon...maybe as soon as tomorrow depending on what my Sunday at home brings!

Happy Stitching

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plan....

No...not me (not yet anyway)....My youngest daughter (Nearly 26) leaves on Monday for Europe for her trip of a lifetime - jetting off to Europe....and no return ticket so not sure when she'll be home again :-(  The plan is to travel and work (she is a chef) and will return home when either money runs out or she feels home is beckoning! 

Here she is packing Saturday night  - I would probably have needed about 5 of those back packs! 

My other daughter (nearly 29) has been living and working in Canada since January 2012  - apart from about 6 months when she returned home to be a bridesmaid and decided to stay for a while before returning......

....I'll be empty nesting again but will have the company of my two beautiful gingers....vying for a spot in front of the heater here......The younger one Dora (with the long tail) will be 4 later this year and the other one Mezzie is about 15.

Once again I will be heading off to Sydney to farewell Megan and will stay on for the rest of the week - dad is in the middle of radiotherapy at the moment so I will give them an extra hand while there, driving him to medical appointments for the week, doing the cooking, parents are 84 & 91 and not doing too bad considering they still live in their own home......Will gather together a bit of knitting, embroidery and a book to take with me but won't be here to blog till next week when I get back.

Apparently I'm a "no reply blogger" didn't even know what that was till I "Googled" it but will fix that when I get back time now - too many other things to think about!..... and pack my BIG bag for only 1 week!

Happy Stitching

PS Didn't even get to do FNWF on Friday :-(..... but will be back for next month!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekend Celebrations

Hope everyone at Chookyblue's birthday celebrations had a GREAT time - whether as a "virtual" guest (like me) or in real life .....plenty of champagne (or whatever you like to consume!) and plenty of creativity happening?

I could only be there today but have enjoyed my champagne and have actually finished something from start to finish - that alone is cause for celebrations if you knew the actual number of UFOs I have lurking..... in cupboards...wherever!!


 Became this.......

And I finished off the day getting another "Christmas in July" swap ready to start.....

Well ......... I've had a productive day...... more champagne to go though - bottles not quite empty yet! May just have to have another glass as I check out what everyone else has been up to while celebrating The Chookshed's birthday......

Happy Stitching