Saturday, 7 June 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plan....

No...not me (not yet anyway)....My youngest daughter (Nearly 26) leaves on Monday for Europe for her trip of a lifetime - jetting off to Europe....and no return ticket so not sure when she'll be home again :-(  The plan is to travel and work (she is a chef) and will return home when either money runs out or she feels home is beckoning! 

Here she is packing Saturday night  - I would probably have needed about 5 of those back packs! 

My other daughter (nearly 29) has been living and working in Canada since January 2012  - apart from about 6 months when she returned home to be a bridesmaid and decided to stay for a while before returning......

....I'll be empty nesting again but will have the company of my two beautiful gingers....vying for a spot in front of the heater here......The younger one Dora (with the long tail) will be 4 later this year and the other one Mezzie is about 15.

Once again I will be heading off to Sydney to farewell Megan and will stay on for the rest of the week - dad is in the middle of radiotherapy at the moment so I will give them an extra hand while there, driving him to medical appointments for the week, doing the cooking, parents are 84 & 91 and not doing too bad considering they still live in their own home......Will gather together a bit of knitting, embroidery and a book to take with me but won't be here to blog till next week when I get back.

Apparently I'm a "no reply blogger" didn't even know what that was till I "Googled" it but will fix that when I get back time now - too many other things to think about!..... and pack my BIG bag for only 1 week!

Happy Stitching

PS Didn't even get to do FNWF on Friday :-(..... but will be back for next month!

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