Saturday, 30 May 2015

Chookshed Party

I've made a start on my June blocks for Nature's Journey! Have not been this far ahead yet...just goes to show what you can do when sewing at a "party" !!

After doing what housework I really had to do, got myself organised for stitching on the back deck in the sun - absolutely glorious day here just couldn't sit inside!
A couple of hours later....
 .... I did pop out during the afternoon - a quick (!) stop off at the the local patchwork shop before visiting a friend who is raising a poddy lamb... Flossie was just so cut and...yes... she wears a nappy when she goes inside to get her bottle.
 ....back home again and time for a glass of wine and nibbles while a pot of minestrone soup was cooking away in the background...
 ..... more stitching after dinner and all June blocks are ready for the applique!
Not too sure how much will get done stage managing another local theatre production and we have an all day rehearsal ....maybe I'll spend some time deciding on fabrics..... that always seems to take some time as I procrastinate over this one or maybe that one.......

Hope everyone is productive this weekend! Will be "visiting" to see what you have been up to.....
Happy Stitching


  1. you made lots of progress on your NJ quilt...........

  2. A great way yo spend your Saturday!

  3. Lovely NJ blocks, the stitching is all done, was a productive birthday party over at Chooky's.

  4. Great work Asta....your quilt is going to be beautiful! We should have a wine and nibbles one weekend!