Friday, 21 March 2014

Detour Home....

End  of a busy week at work and late night rehearsals.....thought I deserved a pick-me-up and detoured home via my local patchwork shop Stephs Fabrics...... added to my stash......not that I really needed anything but it did make me feel so much better as the week came to a close!!

May not get much time (again) to sew this weekend - am still altering costumes for our up and coming theatre production.....oh! if only it was a paid job!! ......
Am off now to watch The Doctor Blake Mysteries and do some the authenticity of the show - set in 1950's - and seeing Craig McLachlan - remember him from all those years ago? Channel 2 8.30 AEST

Happy stitching


  1. Nothing like Retail Therapy Asta! Totally agree about the 'paid' job! Gotta love Dr cool dude!

  2. Hello Asta,

    New fabric is a great tonic. I love Dr Blake, CM is such a great actor.

    Happy days.