Thursday, 17 April 2014

Catching Up

Can't believe it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post! What have I been doing? Well, till last weekend most of my evenings were spent here.....

...... the stage managers desk behind the stage - from where my assistant stage manager and myself make sure the show runs smoothly and everyone is ready on time! Another photo here of my "to do" board before each show and after interval....

I have stage managed quite a number of shows for our local theatre company over the last 15 years or so...... do enjoy it but it does take a lot of time - sometimes up to 3 months with rehearsal time thrown in as well. Am I trained for this you ask? No, it has been a matter of learning by experience! I got involved after my younger daughter then aged around 10 decided she'd like to join the youth group at the theatre....I started helping with costumes, then back stage and well as they say one thing led to another........ and you will NEVER find me on stage!!.....Leave that for others who enjoy the "bright" lights. 

The fabric basket from my previous post I gave as a thank you gift to my assistant stage manager - well - the play was "Allo Allo" set in France and the fabrics were French General - also filled it with Ferrero Rocher chocs (sound French?).

Since the show finished week nights after work have been spent "relaxing" with a DVD or 2 and KNITTING.......

Enough relaxing now - the time has arrived to start planning which stitching project I will work on - many UFOs to go through.... perhaps start on something new??
Perhaps my somewhat neglected garden will get some TLC over this weekend? 
May even get around to filling in my "profile" so you all know who I am!

Till next time.....

Happy Easter & Happy Stitching

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