Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Little Stitching

Managed to fit in a little stitching this morning before heading off to our matinee performance of "Allo Allo"... yesterday was spent catching up with housework - oh hum! followed by a performance at night ....... My friend Dzintra is one of the cast in the play I'm stage managing and sometimes we find time to chat about what we are stitching...... thinking of all the time we'll have to stitch once the show ends!....Meanwhile - this is one of my many projects been worked on.... members of my embroidery group have been making a block each to be made into a quilt for our end of year raffle..... 

Thought you may be interested in seeing what I store some of my projects in..... this was given to me by a friend for my birthday last year and since then I have acquired a few more...they're a clear plastic box for storing files - A4 size being perfect for the pattern you may be using and deep enough for your cottons, scissors, etc........ from Howard's Storage World and only $6.95!

Happy Stitching

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  1. I love the storage box! I would need a mountain of them just to begin containing my started projects. Do they stack well?