Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Easter Weekend

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend - whatever you have been up to. I have spent the weekend "pottering" around...... Friday I relaxed on my deck with a book, and sorted through a few project ideas.....

Came across this quilt - made in a class where the cost included a jelly roll of your own choice. I decided to pick one out of my comfort zone....... bad idea! Even though I don't dislike it I'm not sure if I like it enough to get it quilted.... but then it remains another UFO!
Has anyone else had this dilema? 

Saturday was spent doing the usual housework and grocery shopping ....but did enjoy a lovely relaxing afternoon catch up with a friend! Took my stitching but we were too busy talking.....

Sunday.....and am packing these as I'm off to Sydney tomorrow for a few days.... a project to cut out (secret pressie), border fabrics for a quilt I'm finishing off (also a pressie), some stitching to finish off, a bag with my knitting and a new book to start (saw the movie Monuments Men and am looking forward to reading the book the movie was based on) - do you think this is enough? Spending some time with my parents so while mum and I will be catching up over cups of tea my hands won't be idle. Hope to call into Cottage Quiltworks - I have a little shopping list ready!

And I did manage to get into the garden late this afternoon.......there was a "before" photo but it really shouldn't be shown!

Hope you have enjoyed your Easter......

Happy Stitching

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