Sunday, 21 May 2017


Well.....what can I say - it's been over 2 months since I last visited my blog - and I have been here - unfortunately not an overseas trip as an excuse! 
At the time of my last post I was just starting to stage manage another local theatre production - Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit" and that always keeps me busy as so many hours of the week are put into rehearsals - as well as working full time..... shame this theatre "work" is all voluntary as it would make a nice second income! Here is my back stage area in the early days when props were being sourced.....

Not a lot of sewing was being done while this was happening - but crochet and knitting fitted into my busy schedule as they were easily transported to rehearsals and while the cast were being directed I could keep myself occupied - well, at least till I was needed. 
First off I found a lovely crochet blanket on the blog site Attic 24 - loved the colours Lucy had chosen for her "Mooreland" blanket and a couple of weeks later they arrived from England..
Miss Dora instantly found a new place to take a nap!
Haven't taken a recent photo of my progress but this is where it was at quite a few weeks ago!
My local patchwork shop also sells wool so a quick trip between rehearsals and work saw this little bag come home.....
and the contents became.......
At the moment a second one is on the knitting needles after the first one ended up with my sister in Bundanoon!
Managed to fit in some reading......
And by the end of April the show was over....... cooler weather had arrived with Miss Dora always finding the warm spots.....even if it was on my ironing board!
......and a quilt top started in 2012 (!) re-surfaced to have borders sewn on......
......currently away being quilted but more photos will be seen soon........
Mother's day this year was spent in Sydney ..... going through Berry on my way some beautiful Autumn trees  ......

..... and a "must stop" at Sew and Tell..... resisted the embroideries but did come away with a  couple of balls of "sock" wool - to add to my wool stash, of course!
These are actually 2 different colours - but loved them both - how could I choose? They both had to come  home with me!
On the family front.... Megan and her partner finished off another Winter season working in the French Alps - with the occasional care package from home.....
... then it was back to England for a few weeks with Megan now heading off to explore Spain!
Hayley and her partner continue to enjoy life in "balmy" Burleigh Heads!
That about sums up what has been happening in my world..... I will finish off with some bright daffodils - "live" flowers bringing cheer to these cooler days!
As life has now quietened down a little I will be back to chat soon!

Happy Stitching


  1. Hi Asta, you sure have been busy! I bet the theatre work is interesting despite taking up a big chunk of your time... love wools there & very pretty scarf too.

  2. lots happening nice to see you back.......

  3. You have been busy....lovely to see your projects fitted in. Beautiful yarns you've been working with. I love a good Di Morrisey book. Love Mitch Absolm too xx

  4. Welcome back Asta. Lovely to hear your news and see your beautiful knitting.