Thursday, 2 March 2017

Holiday Travels Pt 6

Just over an hour by train from Levanto to Genoa with a short break before the next train from Genoa to Turin....just enough time to take a rest in the park or in some cases do a bit of shopping......
......and after nearly 10 hours of travel by train and bus (from Turin) we arrived in Chamonix - in the French Alps......waking up to this early morning scenery from our window - Mont Blanc!
During the few days we had in this area we explored the delightful town of Chamonix......
Took a 20 min gondola ride from where we had amazing views of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.......
..... and stepped "Out into the Void"......notice I wasn't too far out in the void!
Once more the girls got behind the wheel as we headed off for some sight seeing outside of Chamonix....... visiting quaint villages, beautiful scenery, forest walks and some locals!

Another day a drive further afield and we arrived in picturesque Annecy.......and it was market day!
And here we are enjoying our last night in Chamonix and the coming to an end of a wonderful holiday!
An early morning start the next day and we were on our way to Geneva and the start of our trips home..... Hayley & I back to Sydney and Megan back to England..... 
.....holding it together here but a few tears were soon to follow....
Megan was already "home" in England - and in bed! - while Hayley and I were still in transit! Flying via Helsinki and Japan can take such a long time that somewhere along the way we inevitably "crashed" - a 10 hour stopover in Japan was the place! 
And so after nearly 6 weeks this amazing holiday with Hayley and Megan came to an end.... but full of SO many wonderful memories to always treasure!!! 

Till next time

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