Sunday, 11 February 2018

A (Very) Little Trip Away....

After a very busy and somewhat stressful week at work I headed off to Canberra on Friday afternoon - a 2 hour drive dodging (unexpected) storms along the way!! You've heard of "storm chasers"? Well this time it was me being chased by storms - the black skies and lightning being very menacing but no photos - I wasn't stopping for anything!! 
Saturday was a much more pleasant day as I headed out for some retail therapy - including one of my favourite shops.....
After an hour of browsing - and being very tempted - I finally left with just these purchases....
The latest Homespun magazine has a lovely BOM using some of the Tilda fabrics but, though my initial reaction was "yes, I must make this", having some time to think on it while browsing,  I decided I had enough projects on my "to do" list and will be happy enough to maybe create a block or 2 ....perhaps some cushions?..... I did buy some Tilda fabrics this point in time I'm just adding them to my stash!!..... And a charm pack to make a "table topper" - also in this issue of Homespun.
Then a stop off to Myers - and new shoes came home with me!
Next stop to visit friends where I enjoyed a few hours lunching, having afternoon tea and catching up before heading home again - this time no storms! 
Sunday has been spent doing some "secret sewing", reading....this book was finished and again Kate Morton didn't disappoint - really enjoy her books! 

And so another week starts...... another book will be started, more "secret sewing" - it's not huge but it seems to take forever when I work full-time and enjoy my reading time as much as stitching time..... oh - for more hours in the day!! 

Happy Stitching


  1. Love the new purchases Asta... the shoes are gorgeous!
    As for the Homespun BOM, I like the look of it but decided against it... it too have just too many things on the go here already.
    Enjoy your new things!

  2. No matter what extras you do around work it is a balancing act.......
    Nice shopping......