Thursday, 30 June 2016

A Birthday, A Reunion & OPAM

Here we are at the end of another month and already half way through the year!! 
This time of the year it is time to celebrate my younger daughter Megan's birthday..... as she is off travelling..... still ..... and will be for a while yet her birthday cake has to be sent via means of technology........
....although this present made and filled with some of her favourite chocolates has gone via "real" mail! 
Meanwhile another felt bowl has been made.....which will be a gift for a friend.....
And while I was away on holidays a couple of weeks ago just a few purchases were made - some to add to my stash others with a definite purpose - including another ball of wool for yet another felted bowl!....perhaps I'll keep this one for myself.....
Last weekend a visit to Sydney for a school reunion of...... my 6th class primary school!!! It had been at least 50 years (!!) since I had seen some of the class members and out of a class of around 50, more than half turned up for the reunion.....and surprisingly we were able to identify each other quite well considering the years in between.......We had a reunion about 20 years ago but not as many turned out then but we have decided that we should now get together every 5 years.... not 20 at our age! The reunion was held at the Kirribilli Club in Sydney and as we all caught up with each other this was the view we overlooked....
And..... here is little Miss Dora soaking up the sun on these bleak cold days that we have been having lately!! (Mr Mezzie must have been in front of the heater!) 
The little stitching I had done this month for OPAM was Megan's purse and the felt bowl...have spent most of the time reading but more on that next time.... time to cosy up in front of the heater with my knitting. 

Thanks for popping by.... till next time
Happy Stitching


  1. Happy birthday to your dear pouch! Love your purchases too x

  2. Hi Asta,happy birthday to your daughter and love the bag and bowl,hope you had a lovely time at the reunion ....