Sunday, 31 January 2016

Where has January gone!

Hard to believe that January is almost over..... have been productive over the last couple of weeks..... the "book pillows" have been finished... just waiting for the books to be popped into the front pocket.....
This pattern was from a book called "Growing Up Modern" by Allison Harris.... lots of lovely patterns for children's quilts.
Then the batik fabric quilt came back from the quilters .... not quite finished yet....
A little retail therapy over the last couple of weeks.....including a Jelly Roll of Jen Kingwell fabrics....... no projects  yet but it is lovely to look at them and ponder.... 
Finished reading a couple of books .... this one is set in the year 1908 near Eden on the NSW South Coast with the eldest daughter of a whaling family narrating the story .... 
and the second ...... one of Hercule Poirot's cases.....
A local bookshop has a book challenge which I have joined - there are 16 challenges ...... "Rush Oh" is "a book by a debut author" challenge and the Agatha Christie book is for "a book you have not read since high school" (I loved reading Agatha Christie's books every school holidays - and still have all the books!) .... so 2 challenges ticked!
In the garden.... a bumper crop of tomatoes - the first picking of many!
.... and in October 2014 I posted this...... a diamond python coming out of my guttering...
well, I thought it had gone but found it asleep in the garden alongside the house the other day - nearly dropped my green waste bin on it.... not sure who would have got the bigger fright! Having 2 cats who could have been dinner I called the "snake" man who exclaimed that it was "one very big snake!" - now re-located he convinced me it would not be back! 

Once again I have joined up with OPAM (One Project a Month) so that will keep me busy stitching and with all the reading I will be doing I think 2016 should be a very productive year.... so till next time
Happy Stitching


  1. Well done on those gorgeous finishes .... The books look great xx

  2. Love those pillows Asta.....great start for OPAM! I'm going to read Rush O too for the Challenge...I reckon these 2 things will keep us both busy lol!