Sunday, 17 January 2016

Visitors and a Bit of Stitching

A most welcome visit from my friend Dzintra on Saturday afternoon - arriving with her basket of goodies!
...home pickled cucumbers, black bread and a good bottle of Rose... I had the cheese to go with it all.... a couple of hours later and after much catching up she left with an empty basket!! 
Another friend Jeff arrived from Canberra for a visit on Sunday afternoon with yummy cakes bought on the way - no photos though - they were eaten before we could have a photo shoot!
A bit of stitching was fitted in during the weekend.... 

......and my top for Natures Journey completed for SAL 2015 is going to the quilters.... it has been sitting here for the past 3 months finished and I finally made the decision to have  
it quilted otherwise I could see another UFO happening!  
A very relaxing weekend.... oh! almost forgot I also joined up for the Fat 1/4 Birthday Swap 2016 - looking forward to sending off lovely fat 1/4 s to birthday ladies with one special gift to someone special! 
Happy Stitching


  1. will be great to see your NJ quilted.........

  2. Good decision about the quilt Asta !! And what a yummy basket of goodies you shared with Dzintra !

  3. A good catch up weekend for you Asta! Can't wait to see the quilt all's beautiful!