Sunday, 13 December 2015

Snippets from the last (and a bit) month!

Oh dear... has it really been that long! Excuses? I don't really have any :( .... sometimes it was because honestly, I just didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer after a day at work... much rather sit with a bit of stitching, a book or anything else! 
So... starting from where I left off - and mainly through photos - I'll do a bit of a catch-up....would you believe my last post was FNWF way back in November! 
During November our local "Handmade Market" was attended.....
My Tuesday night embroidery group finished off the year with a Xmas dinner at a local Thai restaurant....... 
A Xmas shopping trip to Canberra saw me make a "slight" detour to Hobbysew - quilting thread for Nature's Journey quilt and just a couple of little the 30's Playtime!
Xmas stitching was started...... only a sneek peek at one though!

Some decision making on a few other gifts currently being worked on......

My sewing room which has been a "work in progress" for some time and has been mentioned in earlier posts has now gone from this.... when all my crafting supplies were gathered up from various "hidey holes" around the house to one spot....
to this....... amazing what you can do when you are in the "mood" to tidy up! 
Meanwhile a couple of books were read...... I'm sure most of us are familiar with the first one...and I also enjoyed the movie....
 ...the 2nd book was interesting - followed the lives of a (fictional) family settling in Sydney in mid 1880's - was written in 1929.
By early December it was time to post Megan's Xmas box if it was to get to France in time!
....meanwhile Les Gets (in the French Alps) had its first snow fall for the season and Megan's home for the next 6 months went from this.....
to this......
My Xmas this year will be spent at my sister's in Bundanoon... it will be the first one ever (!) not shared with Hayley (now living in Queensland and one when she was living in Canada) and Megan so... the house is a little quiet with them not coming home this year...BUT this was no reason not to decorate so here are some of my "special"decorations 
Santa collection - 39 of them!

A smaller angel collection

And my candle mat ........

also a slightly smaller tree than usual...... but it brings the spirit of Xmas to the home! 
So now I should be up to date!! 

The next week or so I will be busy finishing Xmas gifts but will be back soon to show you what I have been up to...... 
Till then
Happy Stitching


  1. Great post with lots of great events. Love all your decorations.

  2. Great post with lots of great events. Love all your decorations.

  3. Now I'm all caught up with what you've Sylvia said a great post....and yes I spotted my lovely Needlecase!