Monday, 29 September 2014


Well, here it is the end of another month!... And I have 2 finishes for the month....

...have been working on a couple of other projects but unfortunately they are still UFOs :( 

This last weekend was spent spring cleaning the house and entertaining unexpected friends dropping in both days... but did manage to find time to start gathering fabrics together for this project..... will definitely be a work in progress for some time - think I'll approach this project by getting the hexagons together then I can discard any fabric choice I don't think will fit in before I start using it on another block with more fiddly work - such as the applique ones.

Am off on holidays in a couple of weeks and will be busy at work getting everything up to date and at home.... well, trying to keep a spring cleaned house that way till I return.... so in other words not creating a mess - sitting quietly making hexagons sounds like the way to go!

Will be back soon to show you what progress, if any, I have made on my projects!

Happy Stitching

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