Friday, 2 May 2014


Enjoyed stitching with "friends" from everywhere last night! A bit bleary eyed this morning though - and still in my PJs - as I stayed up a lot later than usual stitching.....

I decided to start a new project - only a small one as I hope to have it ready for a "special" day next weekend.....bought as a kit a number (!) of years ago....

A few hours later and the embroidery was complete.... and while having a break and a cup of tea I browsed through Gail Pan's new book which had just arrived in the mail.... a few lovely projects in there....

Off to Canberra later today - my younger daughter is going to Sydney with friends - leaving from Canberra early tomorrow morning - and her car is out of service so, like mums everywhere know, you come to the rescue with Plan B! Hopefully will find time to do some more on this "mystery" project over the weekend......

Hope everyone else had a productive night - whatever you were creating.....
Happy Stitching

PS I am posting this on Saturday 3rd May! And am still trying to work out how to set the date to our time!!


  1. Beautiful Stitching Asta and I know what you mean about kids....Hubby and I spent the whole day fetching and carrying for two of ours......wouldn't have it any other way though!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. Gorgeous stitchery Asta. Gail Pans book is on my wishlist... looks great.

  3. Popping in from FNWF, I need to find a christmas project to work on. I love christmas

  4. Enjoyed your company on FNWF...great stitchery!