Monday, 16 April 2018

Sydney Weekend

This last weekend a trip was made to Sydney to catch up with mum & dad..... always lovely to spend some time with them.....and check in to make sure they are doing ok!... Still in their own home at 88 and 95!! 
On the way up I stopped off at Berry and checked out the Berry Patchwork shop - they are in the middle of extending their beautiful shop - well worth a visit if in the area! I resisted buying anything.... at least for this visit! 
Miss Dora stayed home "house-sitting" and once my bag was unpacked she jumped in - maybe a hint that I was not to go away again??.......or perhaps take her next time?? 
 Not a lot of stitching has been accomplished lately.... but a bit of colour has now been added to this.... soon to be a gift so I had better get a move on..... 
And that about sums up what I have been up to lately!.... Back soon with an update on how the stitching is going....

Happy Stitching


  1. Hi Asta... how wonderful for your parents to still be so independent... and fun that you were able to stop at a shop for yourself too!

  2. how special your mum and dad still at home...........they are doing very well.........

  3. Lovely to see your parents still going strong. Miss Dora is definitely chastising you xx