Monday, 26 March 2018

A bit of this and that.....

Well....this is about "a little bit of this and that" since that's exactly what I have been doing......
Firstly a "1/2" finish - one of a pair of socks.......
 Another book finished.... this one... ummm.... not sure what I thought about it  - I would best describe it as a fantasy - it was interesting but I was pleased when all 465 pages were read and I could say it was finished!
Yesterday I spent time sorting out fabrics for some (small) projects I plan on starting.....
These fabrics have been accumulating for some time for a particular project and once the fabrics were out..... the empty box was a good spot to while away some time!

Some of the fabrics being cut up all ready for a 3rd project to work on......
It always amazes me that I take out fabrics for projects and it makes such a minuscule dent in the fabric stash!!! ... does that say something about what I actually have?? 
I also have a WIP (work in progress) which is sorting out my fabrics and sewing room - there will one day be a photo but only when there is a definite "before" and "after"!! 

Back soon with some progress on the sewing projects!
Happy Stitching



  1. Hi Asta! Wow what a great sock, well done... and yes it's easy to get lost in playing with fabrics, especially when they're as pretty as yours!
    I look forward to seeing some updates on your new project.

  2. Hi Asta... how wonderful for your parents to still be so independent... and fun that you were able to stop at a shop for yourself too!