Monday, 22 January 2018

The last couple of weekends...

Some lovely flowers inside...... and the last couple of weekends have been spent......
 ...... lunching at one of the delightful cafes in Mogo with a dear friend from Sydney....this was followed by some "retail therapy"! 
Another book has been finished - that's the 2nd one already this year!! 
And last Saturday I REALLY needed to pay a visit to my local patchwork shop -  Steph's Fabrics !
I did go with a purpose - I needed some fabric for one of my "secret" projects but it is lovely to wander around, get inspired - and then frustrated wishing you had so many more hours in the day!! 
Some more stitching did get done on my "secret" project..... and actually was finished but will reveal all when it has been "gifted"!
While I've been waiting for photos to download here I've started yet another "secret" project - but more on that later and meanwhile I will have to finish my 2nd "secret" stitching project.... all these secrets!! I do plan to start some projects for ME.... but they won't be secrets : ) 
And that's what I have been up to the last couple of weekends - apart from house work and some gardening - the latter leaving me with a swollen arm where something has bitten me - the gentleman next door has bee hives so I'm suspecting it may have been a bee!!
So.... till next weekend.....
Happy Stitching!

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  1. That all looks like a very enjoyable combination of activities , Asta... especially the cafe!