Sunday, 1 May 2016

Secret Sewing & Reading

"Good Morning Sunshine....."
The warm Autumn days are still with us - inside and out..................

 What have I been up to over the last couple of weeks! Well..... all "secret" sewing which is still ongoing!
 .....and reading..... this book being another challenge ticked off - "a book that is to be a film in 2016" ...... I found this story a bit slow to start off with but ended up not being able to put it down - a surprise ending! 
 The next book has been started - " must have a number in the title" - this is another Agatha Christie book I've kept from way back when I spent my summer school holidays reading her books - note the price 60c!
 Another trip to my local patchwork shops Steph's Fabrics...... firstly enjoying a coffee from the cafe bar while overlooking all the temptation in her shop.....
 .....leaving with a new knitting book and ball of wool as there was a pattern I plan to knit up... it will be a another "secret" project..... and the original purpose of my trip - the material for the border of the "secret" quilt which will soon be finished (note the fabric tucked behind the book)..... this quilt is not being "gifted" till June so will be a while before it appears here!
So for the time being everything here is very secretive!!..... I do have projects to work on but at the moment the secret ones have deadlines! Till next time......

Happy Stitching!


  1. Secret stitching is such good fun. I am an Agatha fan Mum had that book. Very pretty yarn Asta.

  2. I have never seen an Agatha Christie book by that particular title....Ten Little Indians, yes, but not the one you show. I wonder if your copy has the original title?