Sunday, 28 February 2016

Catching Up!

A fortnight since my last post..... the weeks seem to fly by.......
Last weekend saw a day of mixed emotions as I attended a "farewell" for a lovely fellow who was part of our local theatre .... I had had the privilege of stage managing a couple of shows which he was in and over the years had got to know his family as well..... 
The evening of the same day..... and I was heading off to a birthday celebration for a work colleague -  it was fancy dress! So.... here I am in disguise as a re-invented "hippie" .... wig and all!

Sewing has been happening as well.... with a start made on the binding of the Nature's Journey quilt...
... I enjoy doing the binding by hand but really with temps gradually climbing to 40 deg there wasn't a lot done as the week progressed!
A UFO has also been brought out of "hiding".... so far back I can't even remember when - possibly 15 years ago? - this quilt was put together.....
and is now finally being  quilted - simple quilting I'm doing by machine....though progress is very slow as Miss Dora seems to think it makes for a very cosy sleeping spot......settling in very quickly before I move the quilt around! 

Catching up with friends during the past week was on the agenda.... dinner at a Thai restaurant mid week with a few friends..... and yesterday catching a movie ("Carol" starring Cate Blanchett) with another friend followed by dinner at one of our local clubs with this as our view....
And.....during a busy week managed to finish another book..... I can now tick off yet another reading challenge...... "a book with a blue cover"

Hopefully a cooler week lies ahead........ as I'm typing away here I hear rain has started falling..... time to head to bed with another book!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Well done on your NJ quilt and your ufo.You madea very cool hippie. Please send some rain my way!

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  3. Well done , up to the binding of natures journey

  4. Natures Journey quilt is well worth the effort isn't it...xox