Thursday, 22 December 2022

Quick Update

 With Christmas just around the corner time for a quick update...... 

After spending a couple of months with me, Megan and James, with their van fully packed have now moved on finding jobs and accommodation way up north in the Byron Bay area..... and not to leave anything behind my original sewing box (about 50 years old) and now Megan's also was squashed into a spare space! 

Megan and I managed to fit in a lovely long lunch at our Botanical Gardens before they left........ 
A little "happy" mail arrived - all intentions for making it for this Christmas went out the window.... think I will need to start early 2023 to get Christmas projects finished!!

And only 1 book read over the last couple of months..... 2nd of this series and a great read!!
Did say this was a quick update..... car is packed and an early start heading up to Bundanoon for Christmas with the whole family - Hayley, Megan and James all heading south for a few days ..... first time in over 7 years we have all been together for the festive season! So.....will finish off with a few photos of my usual Santa display and wishing readers a Happy Christmas and may 2023 bring joy and good health your way..... with many hours of stitching!! 
(Not sure why photos have black edge??- will sort out when I have a bit more time!

Happy Stitching and Happy Holidays

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  1. Hope your Christmas went really well. Must be so lovely having the girls both home.