Wednesday, 31 March 2021

How Time Flies!

 Oh my! Has it really been that long since my last post!! Well, time to do a bit of a catch up with a few photos thrown in...... 

Going back to end January the family gathered together in Sydney again for an early celebration of my sister Linda's birthday....

Into February and - surprise, surprise - I actually had some creativity happening..... a friend was gifted a "chicken" and some time ago (won't say how long ago but I've never known of chickens to take so long to incubate!!)  she asked for a couple more.... finally they got made...and a needle case for Linda - who is quite an avid embroiderer! 
And, of course, a bit of reading - really enjoy books by Kate Morton......
While we were enjoying some Summery weather here over in England Megan & James finally had snow towards the end of February..... she said it was just like walking through Narnia from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.....
Now for some holiday photos ...... No overseas holidays yet so early March my other sister & I spent a week at Linda's place on the mid-north coast....We had many afternoon / morning teas we are at Miss Nellies in Kendall - who was to know that just a couple of weeks later it was inundated by the severe flooding experienced in that area. 
The local garden centre also (very conveniently) has a great cafe - a couple of visits here....
One morning we managed to arise before sunrise and headed up to a vantage point to watch the sunrise.... with a thermos packed we enjoyed a cup of hot tea as it was rather cool at that time of the morning!
Another day and we enjoyed catching up with a dear "old" friend over lunch at the Gladstone Pub - she was our neighbour in Sydney where we all grew up together and now lives about an hour north of Linda.....lots of stories to share that day! 
With so much eating out a little exercise was to be added to the itinerary..... believe me this did not happen often! 
And.... we did get to the beach but not for long as bearing down on us was a big storm - but we did get our feet wet!
Now.... what holiday would be complete without finding a patchwork shop!! Tucked away through the gate and down an overgrown path - "I Love Country" - full of a great range of embroidery threads, a small but very interesting range of fabrics and any other notions required for stitching!! Was a purchase made you ask? Well, of course! Unfortunately, I did see on their face book page that they were closed due to water damage from the recent flooding. 
And..... my sister has a cat called Milly who shared my bed, my lap - even sleeping in my open suitcase so while on holiday I was not deprived of feline company while Dora was back at home enjoying her "holiday" at the pet motel! 
Holiday over and it was back home and back to work...... a few days off again with the Easter holiday just around the corner...... some quiet time, some catching up with friends and some stitching - have a few things on the go at the moment  - perhaps too many so will be taking a while to get something actually finished I think..... will pop back sooner next time!

Happy Stitching


Friday, 8 January 2021

Christmas 2020 and a New Year!

 Happy New Year - 2021 has arrived and hopefully it will be a good year for everyone!! 

We had our family Christmas in Bundanoon with a welcoming front door greeting each of us on arrival......and a rather cosy indoor Christmas in the Southern Highlands it was with drizzly rain and the weather cool enough for the heating to be turned on!

We even managed to all fit into a photo with Megan & James in England during "Face time"
(There was also a catch up with Hayley in Qld but we forgot to do "face time" - though she was busy cooking and getting ready to go out!) 
The rainy days over Christmas meant that most of our time was spent at a leisurely pace - with lots of chatter, reading, board games, eating, doing whatever you felt like doing - sometimes even taking an afternoon nap!..... A couple of days later the sun made its appearance through the clouds and Vivien and I headed for the outdoors... off on a walk! Up this track......
........and on into a part of the Moreton National Park - and as you can see last year's fires  did not leave the park untouched........
.......but lovely to see new growth, including wildflowers such as the flannel flowers.....
All too soon Christmas was over in Bundanoon and as we all left the fog rolled in across the fields around..... closing in the Southern Highlands.....
Once back home my new year started with more lazy days (and more rain) but enjoying a couple of my favourite pastimes...... stitching and reading! 
And....Santas have been packed away for another year ....Here are some close up photos of some of my many Santas... and yes, I did add another one to the "family" - "rescued" from an op shop! 
So let's see what 2021 brings our way..... I doubt there will be any travel plans made but maybe a road trip can be thought about?  Meanwhile I will keep stitching (a few projects have been started) , reading (my "books to read" pile is forever growing) , keeping in touch with friends and with family overseas and at home, gardening and.... I am still working! .... I think all that will be keeping me busy! 

Happy Stitching


Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Ready for Christmas

 Well here it is already the night before Christmas Eve! The last few weeks have been busy at work and here at home getting the decorating done, the annual baking of what has always been referred to as the "Christmas biscuits", a scarf finished for Megan in cold England and  also some stitching... while sorting through old patterns came across one for a Christmas stocking I made years and years ago.... thought it was time to make some more.

A couple of Santas over the years have become around 70 .... all sizes, shapes, bought from various places - some overseas, some as "rescue" Santas from op shops! There are some that are salt & pepper shakers, serviette holders, snow-globe ones - the smallest is 1" (2.5cm).... they have to have something special about them to end up in this "collection"........

Wishing my readers and happy & safe festive season.....and may 2021 be a good year for us all.....good health, happiness and lots of creativity! 

Happy Stitching

Monday, 26 October 2020

Weekends Away

 Has it really been that long since I was last here!! Where does the time go?? And more to the point what have I been doing? I have completed a few rows of knitting, did trace a pattern on my new light box but that was as far as I got, have fabric ready to cut out for a quilt, in the process of de-cluttering my sewing room - still ongoing - I came across a few "works in progress", discovered a X-stitch pattern I'd like to start...... but have no photos to share of any creativity - this time! 
But..... I did have a couple of weekends away - very rare in these days of not going too far. On the October long weekend I travelled up to Bundanoon (Southern Highlands) to visit my sister  as our other sister from the North Coast was there as well so gave us all a chance to spend some time together.... Bundanoon had a "Scarecrow Festival" so we took a drive around checking some of them out...

Linda taking a rest in the lovely garden behind the Bundanoon Memorial Hall.......
Enjoying lunch in Vivien's garden (took a while to get this "selfie" just right - arms aren't always long enough!
About a week ago decided to take a few days off work ..... just have a mini holiday at home but did pop up to Bundanoon again and from there Vivien and I drove to Sydney for the day to celebrate Dad's 98th birthday with the rest of the family.... 
Apart from patchwork shops my other favourite is Bunnings and after a visit during my mini holiday and leaving with a trolley full of plants most of my days off at home were then spent in the garden - another "work in progress" ! The end result was lots of colour and was rewarded by seeing happy bees and butterflies! My azaleas, which I do nothing with, were so thick with flowers this year you couldn't even see the green leaves!   
Well, that's about it for now...... next time I should have some photos of what I have been stitching while de-cluttering of my sewing room continues - I'm sure I could set up my own haberdashery shop - so much "stuff"!!! And on that note I'll share the following which I came across - somewhere! 
Happy Stitching